May 30, 2024

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A new format of cooperation open to Ukraine and Britain may appear in Europe

French President Emmanuel Macron proposed a new format of cooperation between European states, which will be open not only to members EU.

According to Bloomberg, this community will be open, including for the UK and Ukraine. Macron announced his proposal while speaking in the European Parliament. He noted that Ukraine, “with its struggle and courage, in its heart is already a member of our Europe, our family, our union,” but it takes time to fully join the European Union, writes “EUROPEAN TRUTH”.

Speaking about the new project, the French president suggested creating a pan-European format of cooperation that would unite the EU countries, interested like-minded countries outside the bloc, and Britain that left the EU:

“The European Union cannot be the only answer to unite our Europe in accordance with its geographical location, on the basis of its democratic values. In order to politically structure our continent, we need to create what I would call a European political community. This new organization of Europe has allowed If democratic European countries that adhere to our core principles get new opportunities for cooperation – political, security, energy and transport, investment, infrastructure, border crossings, etc. At the same time, such cooperation would not mean mandatory accession to the European Union in the future. At the same time, such a format will not allow countries that have left the EU to remain on the sidelines.”

Emmanuel Macron noted that in the coming weeks he intends to discuss this idea with the leadership of other countries. Subsequently, he detailed that he sees the observance of common values ​​and geographical belonging to Europe as the criteria for joining the new association, and the cooperation of the participating countries may include policy coordination and collective security.

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