Sad coda Ode to Joy

Everything goes to the fact that the games of interstate democracy in the European Union are coming to an end. The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that if the EU wants to move faster, then “unanimous votes no longer make sense in key policy areas.”

To put it simply, the key principle on which the European Union was created will be destroyed – the obligation to take into account the opinion of each state of its member. Now all states have the right to veto and can block any general decision. Of course, this is largely a convention, because the recalcitrant can be persuaded, bribed, or simply put pressure on them, but still it works. This is the case with the preparation of the sixth sanctions package against Russia, when several countries are ready to block the oil embargo, and Hungary is unconditional. And this greatly interferes with those who actually lead the European Union.

And now the masks have been torn off. Mrs. Von der Leyen’s statement is the first step towards that state, which in one novel by Pelevin is called “Evreich”, that is, the European Reich.

But this is only if this initiative passes. It may also turn out that an attempt to push it through will have the opposite effect – a powerful impetus to the collapse of the European Union. Because this decision, in its essence, takes away the last vestiges of sovereignty from the nation-states, turning them into the disenfranchised provinces of Brussels.

Of course, the time for such a transformation seems to be convenient now. An acute geopolitical crisis, a lot can be done under the guise of protection from a “common threat”, but far from all EU countries agree that such a threat exists, and there are still countries that value their sovereignty. And the decisions that can be made by “a simple majority of votes” can be very different. For example, concerning LGBT and other delights of progress. How do you think such decisions will be treated in Poland or Hungary?

Yes, and bending over any EU country can now become much easier. You’ve made a decision and you won’t turn back. And if you don’t comply, sanctions and other delights, only within the friendly common family of European peoples.

And most importantly, the decisions will not even be made in Brussels. And the European Reich itself will be a pure convention. This is just a convenient form of even greater colonization and enslavement by the United States. The European Union will simply completely lose its independence. Even this vote and the “voted majority” will be a kind of fiction, and everyone understands this. As a result, you can also refuse this – the position of a Gauleiter, directly reporting to the President of the United States, will be quite enough.

Will the EU countries agree to sell the remnants of their sovereignty? Someone will go willingly, for example, the Baltic countries. There, and so sovereignty remained in the form of the right of repression against everything Russian. What is happening there in this regard is not in any country. EU. France, despite Macron’s loud statements about the “independence of the European Union”, too. Macron is just a talker and a liar, but in fact he is the flesh of the flesh of the globalist elite. Germany is a country already occupied by the United States, there is nothing to think about.

But the centers of resistance still remain, and they will be broken. Tough, without mercy, using all known methods, including color revolutions. Will they stand? Question.

But if they do not survive, there is a chance to become a simple inhabitant of the camp barracks, however – with the notorious European-style renovation. And Oda, to joy, will have an unusually sad coda.

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