February 25, 2024

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Thebes: 3000 earthquakes in about 15 months, concerns about seismic activity in the area

Continuous seismic activity in the territory adjacent to Thebes is of concern to seismologists. According to professor of geology Efthymios Lekkas, “in the last 15 months” there have been about 3,000 earthquakes here.

According to lifo.grquoting the luminary: “In about 15 months, we had 3,000 earthquakes […]. Seismic activity has resumed in the area over the past five days. Recently, we have new data from a group of colleagues who determined that in 1914 an earthquake measuring about 6 on the Richter scale hit the area. Therefore, history shows that such an earthquake is not excluded. The chances are small, but predictable.”

In this context, Mr. Lekkas stated: “We have taken some important steps to deal with it. If the force of the tremors reaches this level, we could probably reduce its destructive impact.”

According to the expert, one should always prepare for the most unfavorable scenario. “We are constantly monitoring what is happening and informing people about seismic activity in the area,” said Mr. Lekkas.

As for whether Athens will be affected, Mr. Lekkas believes that the capital “will not be affected because it will be a relatively small earthquake, Athens is quite a distance away.”

Recall, as Athens News previously wrote, back in 2021, another, no less venerable, seismologist predicted earthquake in Thebes.

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