Passion for change of places: in 10 years the traveler visited 130 countries

For the first time in December 2012, a young man packed his bags and went on a trip. This was the starting point of his long journey. From then until today, Tom Ground seems to be carrying his suitcase, as he managed to visit 130 countries over the course of ten years. And this is not the limit.

The Dutch blogger was previously a civil servant, “office plankton”, working day after day for the good of his country. Today he calls himself a lucky discoverer, noting that he does not plan to return to his former “sleepy” life.

Before embarking on this long and exciting journey, he saved up enough money to travel non-stop for the first three years. He even set a spending limit of $30 a day.

“People think I come from a rich family. But all my perks are a good/reliable passport because I’m from the Netherlands,” he told CNN. “I collected a lot of money before setting out. But at the same time, I set limits for myself, based on a certain budget. That is why I was able to turn the dream into reality,” he explained, among other things.

Visited 130 countries in 10 years

As social media took off in the 2010s and platforms like Instagram became more popular, Tom Ground realized he could make money by sharing his experiences and adventures while traveling around the world. In 2014, he opened an Instagram account. Today he has about 208,000 subscribers, a very dynamic audience. This, in turn, gave him the opportunity to stay at various hotels for free, which necessitated positive comments on social media.

However, all this forced him to lead a lifestyle that he did not like. So, in 2016, he opened a blog, in which he writes down his impressions. In this way, he was able to finance his travels with income from readers’ visits.

However, he still uses social media such as Istagram and TikTok, where he has a total of 300,000 followers. “Blogging is the secret to being happy to the fullest. I’m very happy. I want to explore different places, meet local people and see their life in reality,” the Dutch traveler notes, urging others to follow his example.

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