Russian tourists are advised to refuse to visit countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia

The Russian embassy warns of risks for tourists in Greece, and the press service of Rostourism reports on the recommendations voiced by the head of the department, Zarina Doguzova: “In connection with the current situation, Rostourism strongly recommends that all Russian citizens who go abroad on tourist and business trips, if possible, refuse to visit […]

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends

The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs appeals to citizens who are planning a trip to Ukraine or are there. The Foreign Ministry recommends contacting the Greek embassy in Ukraine, publishing the address in Kiev and the emergency phone number. According to the statement, which came amid the confrontation between Russia and the West, Greek citizens […]

European Union closes borders, but not for everyone

For unvaccinated citizens of six countries, the EU closes its borders. COVID restrictions are renewing for unvaccinated tourists from six countries – Israel, the United States, Montenegro, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Lebanon. This decision was announced on August 27 by Reuters, citing two sources in the diplomatic circles of the European Union. The restrictions imply […]

Israel, Italy, Germany, Turkey – yesterday’s negative 2021 coronavirus records

Over the past day, frightening reports of the spread of the coronavirus have come from different countries, and even the Ministry of Health of the vaccinated Israel announced an anti-record of 2021. The Israeli Ministry of Health announced yesterday the highest number of SARS-CoV-2 cases recorded this year, at 10,945 in 24 hours, bringing the […]

Afghanistan: where will the refugees go and which countries are ready to accept them

Thousands of people are trying to leave Afghanistan after the Taliban took control of the country, almost 20 years after the US-led coalition toppled it. Where will the refugees go? The Taliban control all major land border points with neighboring countries. The militants said they did not want Afghans to flee the country. According to […]

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