February 21, 2024

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Greek railroad refuses to transport American tanks

The Hellenic Railways Authority TRAINOSE is threatening to fire and sanction railroad workers in Thessaloniki who refused to take trains with American tanks to Alexandroupoli.

For about two weeks now, the employees of the railway station in Thessaloniki have been under pressure to send a train to Alexandroupoli. Initially, the employer indicated which of the employees to go, and when they were refused, he told them “look for those who agree.” When again no one agreed to go “voluntarily”, the station management claimed fulfillment of the duties, citing the fact that their employment contract stated: “an employee can be mobilized according to the needs” of the company.

The electrician, who was ordered to be in Alexandroupolis on Saturday, February 4, made it clear to his boss that he would not go anywhere, emphasizing that railway workers cannot be used to transport NATO ammunition to Ukraine, and they do not want to become complicit in hostilities. The boss replied that the workers should not be interested in what the trains were carrying, it was their job, and they should do it properly.

In the face of this development, trade unions intervened. Greek trade unions in Thessaloniki demand non-participation, non-use of the Greek railway for the transport of military equipment, and ending threats to workers who refuse to transport NATO military equipment.

“No participation of our country in military conflicts in Ukraine, which are committed in the interests of the few at the expense of the peoples. In particular, we demand that our country’s railway rolling stock not be used to transfer the US-NATO arsenal to neighboring countries,” the radio trade union publishes a statement. 902 Gr.

As it became known, the Hellenic Railways Authority TRAINOSE found strikebreakers who agreed to lead the train to Alexandroupoli. According to the message publications of the KKEOn Tuesday, March 29, KKE and KMG organizations poured red paint over American armored vehicles in the region of Thrace, which were heading for military exercises on the NATO border with Russia.

“With this symbolic action, the KKE and KMG organizations sent a signal condemning the imperialist war in Ukraine and Greece’s participation in it, which increases the threats to the people and turns Alexandroupolis into a springboard for a war against the peoples,” the statement reads. statement Greek communists.

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