February 8, 2023

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Thousands anti-war rally of the Communist Party of Greece on Syntagma

The Greek Communist Party brought several thousand of its supporters to the central square of Athens Syntagma for an anti-war rally. Party leader Dimitris Koutsoumbas addressed the audience.

Participants of the anti-war rally chanted slogans: “No to the imperialist war.” They also demanded that Greece stop interfering in hostilities by supplying weapons to Ukraine.

“The coming war is not the first / There were other wars before it / When the last one ended, there were winners and losers / In the losers, the poor were dying of hunger. In the winners, the poor died in the same way “…

“To the peoples who are “dying” from poverty and the bullets that the imperialists generously “throw” at them, today in Ukraine and in Russia, yesterday in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and many others, a loud message of solidarity was sent, a loud call to rally lines struggle to protect your life from those who want to take it away,” Greek communist leader Dimitris Koutsoumbas said in a statement.

Full text of the speech by D. Kutsubas link


“NATO and Russia are dividing the land again, the borders are drawn with the blood of the peoples / The people will give a way out of the war, imperialism is invincible / the USA is not a superpower! The only superpower is the people! / We do not choose the side of the robbers, our only hope is the struggle of the peoples for liberation.

We say: “No to imperialist war.”

We demand an end to our country’s interference.

We do not agree that people pay the bills for the war.

Brecht wrote: “General, the man is very useful. He can fly and he can kill. But he has one drawback: he can think.

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