June 24, 2024

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Communists protest Greece’s involvement in world war

IN Sunday 20 March, in front of the city hall of Alexandroupoli, Committee to Combat the Greco-American Agreement and Alexandroupoli Base a rally organized by the Communist Party of Greece.

In his statement the committee calls on the workers, people and youth, trade unions and bodies of the region to immediately mobilize against the involvement of the country and the Balkans in the plans of NATO, the USA, EURussia and declares his opposition to the transformation of Alexandroupolis into a base for the imperialists and a target for their rivals:

The Committee to Combat the Greek-American Agreement and the Alexandroupolis Base, which includes unions, associations and organizations of the left forces of Eastern Macedonia-Thrace, condemns the growing involvement of the country and the region in the imperialist war raging in Ukraine.

Today marks the 25th day of the war in Ukraine. The people of Ukraine are paying with their blood for the game played in their country by the fragmented bourgeoisie of their country, with the opponents of capitalist Russia on the one hand and the US-NATO-EU on the other, in order to lay hands on its energy wealth, markets and transport routes, energy and goods, its geostrategic position.

This war is between robbers, and the people are paying for it!

Our solidarity with suffering peoples cannot be achieved by choosing the side of one of the two robbers! Solidarity cannot be carte blanche! We are with the people, against the imperialists and their war!

Our country is actively participating in this war under the responsibility of the current and all previous governments, on the side of the US-NATO-EU camp for kidnapped people. The most recent involvement is the colossal NATO arms transfer operation from the US and UK, which began on Thursday March 17 with hundreds of tanks, vehicles and soldiers moving through the NATO base located in the port of Alexandroupoli to Romania and Poland.

The transformation of Alexandroupoli into a NATO base: the transfer of weapons to war-torn Ukraine, American aircraft carrier aircraft monitoring the Thracian Sea over Romania, the operation of the ports of Souda and Piraeus, the nationalization of the army, Petrochori, NATO bases in Larisa, Stefanovik, Thessaloniki, Syros;

NATO tanks are transported at arm’s length from the front. We are not sure if this is a defense exercise. Exercises are military rehearsals, they won’t be rehearsals forever.


The Committee to Combat the Greek-American Agreement and the Alexandroupolis Base Calls on the Workers, People and Youth, Trade Unions and Organs of the Region to immediate mobilization against the participation of our country in the plans of the US, EU, Russia. To declare one’s opposition to the transformation of Alexandroupolis into a hangout for part of the imperialists and a target for their rivals!

The war is already taking its toll on our people, with huge additional increases in the price of electricity, fuel, food, etc. Let no one make the people pay!

We demand:

  • Stop the imperialist war.
  • Immediately stop the involvement of Greece in any way and under any pretext.
  • Close now all NATO and US military bases in our country, which are used as military bases. Let the American marching troops leave the port of Alexandroupolis and the Greek camps.
  • No Greek military corps should be sent to the Ukraine, to the countries bordering it, or to other imperialist missions. No military personnel, officers or non-commissioned officers abroad. Stop sending military supplies and funds from Greece.
  • No concession of the country’s infrastructure to NATO planning.
  • Immediate measures to relieve our people by eliminating VAT and excise taxes on fuel and essentials, by reducing the cost of electricity for the population, the self-employed, farmers.”

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