May 27, 2024

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Carnival is over in Patras

The famous carnival in Patras, which took place “in particularly difficult conditions”, ended today.

As the mayor of the city Kostas Peletidis emphasized in his speech on the occasion of the completion of the events, “2022 was a difficult year, which proved that the carnival in Patras can take place even in very difficult conditions,” writes

In fact, “the carnival in Patras did not stop.” Referring to the youth, the mayor said that “they have been the engine of progress in the municipality’s efforts in terms of holding city festivities”, and added: “The youth and children continue to keep the atmosphere of the holiday going. In today’s conditions it is difficult to hold carnivals.

Speaking about the work done, he noted: “Next year we expect a lot in the field of creative approach to the celebration. We’re going to reboot so we can have a better carnival next year.”

Reference “Russian Athens”

Carnival in Patras is the largest in Greece and has been celebrated for over 180 years. More than 40 thousand people take part in it every year. To cover and advertise this event, a special web page has been created, which broadcasts the events taking place in Patras online.

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