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Voucher for the replacement of household appliances: details of obtaining a subsidy

Environment and Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas spoke in detail about the subsidy for electrical appliances and explained what the process is, who the beneficiaries are, and when it will start. It was reported what is the necessary condition for receiving the subsidy and what happens if the demand is greater than the “supply” (program limit of 200,000 households).

The minister said the government’s goal is to have the process operational before Easter. According to Kostas Skrekas, three types of equipment are subject to replacement: refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners.

“We have conducted a study that shows that if a household replaces three low-energy class appliances with new ones, it can save even more than 30% of annual consumption. The program aims to subsidize 200,000 households to replace old (but working) home appliances. And in the coming days we will announce specific criteria. This will apply to all households. Criteria will be announced depending on the income of applicants for participation in the program, who will receive an appropriate subsidy,” the minister said.

How will it work and what is the process for getting a voucher

Mr. Skrekas spoke about the application process for the electrical appliance subsidy and explained that when the platform is open, interested parties will be able to log in with Taxisnet codes. This can be done both independently and through an accountant, or in a store, to whose employees a person can turn and tell them what equipment he intends to replace. You need to have data with you – your TIN and bank account number.

Submission of applications will be carried out strictly through the electronic platform. The program is designed for 200 thousand households. But if applications are received from 300 thousand interested, there will be an additional ranking, according to the criteria of income and social status (large children, etc.).

“I think that even the second-placed households, provided that we find money and increase the budget of the program, will be able to replace old household appliances,” the minister said.

What are the conditions

Mr. Skrekas also spoke about the procedure and conditions required to receive a subsidy. It will be “removed” in the store (reducing the price of the electrical appliance by the amount due to you). Those. the store will sell the device to the customer minus the subsidy to which the customer is entitled.

The choice of household appliances will be carried out within certain limits: the purchased new household appliances must meet certain minimum criteria for energy saving and quality. In addition, the old device must be delivered to the store, which must be working, for its further disposal.

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