Priest of the Greek Church about the coronavirus: We trusted the killers

According to Father Elpidios, everything that is happening in the world today is dictated by Satan’s desire to dominate people’s lives.

On January 31, 2022, the priest of the Greek Orthodox Church Elpidius Vainakis, speaking on the air of the radio station
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said that during the coronavirus pandemic, people trusted psychopaths.

According to Father Elpidios, a believer should have “a lot of trust in God, because the basis of joy is love, but the basis of love is trust. At this time, we experience a special joy, because we have the opportunity to share with others.”

Speaking about the coronavirus, the priest noted that “people all over the world cannot understand why everything that happens around them is dictated by the desire of Satan to dominate their lives. At that moment, he was ready to lead us to the biggest and most terrible catastrophe that can only happen in the world.”

And we were lost in our love for God, we lost our trust, and we trusted the murderers of people. They were completely trusted not only by ordinary people, not only by politicians, but also by us, church people,” the priest said.

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