Priest of the Greek Church about the coronavirus: We trusted the killers

According to Father Elpidios, everything that is happening in the world today is dictated by Satan’s desire to dominate people’s lives. On January 31, 2022, the priest of the Greek Orthodox Church Elpidius Vainakis, speaking on the air of the radio station ” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>”Focus FM”said that during the coronavirus pandemic, people trusted […]

Voluptuous priest: priest arrested for raping a minor

A shocking incident occurred in a church located in the Ilioupoli area: according to available information, the priest was arrested by law enforcement agencies of the Attica Department on charges of raping a girl. The Department for Juvenile Affairs, classified “top secret”, investigated the case within ten days after the child’s parents filed a complaint. […]

44-year-old priest from Grevena dies of coronavirus

A 44-year-old priest from Grevena, who was ill with a coronavirus, has died. According to ekklisinaonline, the clergyman Christos Tsiotikas fell ill with the coronavirus and was first taken to the clinic of the Grevena hospital, and later it was considered necessary to intubate him and take him to the Ptolemaida clinic, Bodosakeyo (Μποδοσάκειο). He […]

Loutraki: 49-year-old unvaccinated priest dies of covid

Father Vasilis, a 49-year-old priest from Loutraki, lost the battle with the coronavirus, leaving behind three orphans. According to the publication, Father Vasily was “afraid” of vaccination, but in the end he contracted the coronavirus and ended up in the intensive care unit of the Corinthian hospital. Father Vasilis was married and had three […]

Priest condemns “garbage donation” to earthquake victims in Crete

An archimandrite from Heraklio in Crete condemned the donation of “garbage” to the victims of the Arkalohori earthquake on September 27th. Achimandrite Agatagellos Yiannakaris wrote on his social media account that donations from people from different parts of the country included “dirty linen, ruined sheets, wedding dresses and even carnival costumes.” Donations that parishioners brought […]

The priest – anti-vaktser was given out by the parishioners

A prosecutor’s investigation into a priest who works in a settlement outside Thessaloniki and is believed by believers to oppose vaccination has been launched by the authorities. Information about the anti-vakzer priest, who has a negative impact on parishioners, was published on a news site in Thessaloniki, prompting the intervention of the city prosecutor’s office. […]

The priest poured sulfuric acid on 7 metropolitans

Panic reigned in the Holy Metropolis of Athens on Wednesday afternoon. The priest, whose name is not disclosed, during the Synodal trial threw a container of sulfuric acid at the judges. Six (according to other sources 7) metropolitans and a guard received chemical burns. The injured were sent to the hospital. According to the information, […]

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