Peculiarities of cough during infection with omicron strain

Pulmonologist Alexander Palman spoke about the features of cough associated with the omicron strain of coronavirus.

The expert notes that it is more often not pulmonary, but throat, says RIA News. In most cases, coughing causes a sore throat.

According to Palman, the new variant of SARS-CoV-2 is less severe and the virus is less likely to infect the lungs. The manifestations of omicron are similar to those of SARS or influenza, which gives hope that COVID-19 will subsequently become a common respiratory viral infection. Doctor says:

“That is, a cough can be throat, not pulmonary. Here, some pharyngitis and bronchitis are a little more typical than pneumonia and pneumonitis. And know that not a single virus is interested in killing us and stopping reproducing.”

Earlier, our publication wrote that the main symptoms of omicron weakness and increased fatigue. Increased unreasonable fatigue occurs against the background of a change in the functioning of body systems after the penetration of a coronavirus infection into it.

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