June 20, 2024

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Get your coat out of the closet

Meteorologists predict that a severe winter will come in the next two months, while it is possible that in March there will be snow in Greece.

Forecasters warn that we’ll have to “get our winter clothes and coats out of the closet” if we haven’t already done so due to Diomidis’ recent bad weather. In fact, cold weather is expected at least until the end of March.

According to meteorologists, in January we will see “polar cold” almost throughout Greece, even on the plains snow will fall. The forecast, in fact, portends bad weather with sub-zero temperatures (or around 0°C) until early February.

There will be a lot of snow this winter. Precipitation will fall periodically, until mid-March. However, already from March 15 we will see several warm days, but then showers are expected until early May.


January 15-21: The weather will show clear signs of improvement with rising temperatures and sunny days (“Alcyonides“).

January 22-28: after a break in the previous few days, the weather is expected to worsen.

January 29-31: further and more general deterioration of the weather, the main symptom of which is cooling. Snowfall is expected in the mountains at low altitudes and even in the lowlands of Greece.

February will also be snowy. During the month the weather will be changeable.

In March, bad weather will continue until the 20th day of the month, with short breaks and an increase in air temperature. From March 21 to March 31, except for rains, thunderstorms and storms, it will be possible to see snow again.

The same scenario continues from 1 to 5 April. The bad weather will recede, but from 6 to 13 April the weather will be rainy. The same applies to the period from 14 to 20 April (warming with precipitation and heavy winds).


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