May 25, 2024

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For the first time, real footage of the detention of human traffickers by Greek border guards

The documentary video, which was published by the Greek TV channel SKAI, demonstrates for the first time the arrest of smugglers who traveled by boat from end to end of Evros.

An Afghan and an Iraqi, traffickers involved in the delivery of illegal migrants from Turkey to Greece, were under the supervision of border guards for ten days.

The footage shows a smuggler disembarking two migrants from a boat in Tihoro de Evros and is about to return to a neighboring country to pick up the next. At that moment, border guards in an inflatable boat approached and stopped him. The moment of detention of the trafficker is visible.

Border guards complained to SKAI that the traffickers’ criminal schemes operate in close and harmonious cooperation with the Turkish authorities, sending migrants to our country.

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