February 21, 2024

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Deputy Defense Minister of Russia to meet with military attachés of NATO countries

Alexander Fomin, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, invited the military attachés of the NATO embassies to a meeting on December 27.

Fomin’s plans were announced yesterday by the Kommersant newspaper, citing sources:

“At the meeting, the Western military will once again be informed of Russia’s position on the security guarantees it has requested from the US and NATO.”

And Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, confirmed that she had received a proposal from the North Atlantic Alliance to meet in January. She stated that Moscow is ready for a meeting in the Russia-NATO format and for a direct dialogue with the organization:

“We have received such a proposal, I can confirm it. Now it is being considered in practical terms how this could be done. We confirm our readiness for a direct dialogue with NATO on the Russian draft agreements on security guarantees for Russia, excluding the further expansion of the alliance to the east and the deployment of strike systems in the immediate vicinity of the Russian borders. “

However, the specific date of the meeting, according to the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, will be determined later.

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