June 25, 2024

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Moderna: 3rd dose of vaccine increases antibodies against Omicron 37 times

Moderna has released new data on the effectiveness of a third (booster) dose of vaccine against the Omicron mutation.

According to the company, efficacy studies were conducted for two types of booster doses, one with the approved 50 mcg and the other with 100 mcg. According to Moderna experts, the third dose of 50 μg vaccine increases the amount of antibodies against Omicron 37 times, and with a dose of 100 mg – 83 times.

“The rapid increase in Covid-19 cases from the Omicron variant worries all of us. Nonetheless, the evidence that the Moderna booster vaccine, which has already been approved, can raise antibody levels 37-fold, is encouraging, ”said Stephan Bansell, CEO of Moderna.

Bansell emphasizes in a statement that in order to respond to this highly contagious strain of coronavirus, Moderna is continuing to develop a booster dose of a vaccine targeting Omicron. The vaccine will be codenamed mRNA-1273 529, and clinical trials will begin in early 2022.

The announcement notes that Moderna continues to search for potential boosters (additional protection drugs) for other mutations of concern to scientists worldwide.

Among other things, according to the results of the study, Moderna claims that the booster dose of 100 mcg is safe because the side effects are comparable to those experienced after the first two doses. However, Moderna admits that side effects after the high dose (100 mcg) were slightly more frequent than the 50 mcg dose.

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