February 21, 2024

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The teacher beat a 16-year-old student, in response they crashed his car (video)

The video shows a teacher beating a student in a classroom at EPAL Vocational School in Attica. He was suspended from work. And the girl’s classmates, in revenge, crashed his car.

According to the video, the teacher hit a 16-year-old girl twice. He first hit her, then pulled her hair and threw her to the floor, and then hit her again. Classmates rushed to her defense and attacked the teacher. One of the students kicked and punched him and then tried to hit him with a chair.

The video was recorded by one of the girl’s classmates and broadcast on the Alpha TV channel.

After the incident, a group of students crashed the teacher’s car and turned it over. Colleagues of the teacher tried to shield him from angry students and locked him in a room. Later they helped him get out of captivity through the back door, where a police car arrived. Law enforcers detained the teacher and took him to the prosecutor.

In an interview with a T-Life reporter, the girl said that she was still in shock. She said that there was a verbal skirmish with the teacher because he noted in the magazine that she was absent from the class. According to her, he recorded her absence from class for no reason.

When they were informed of the incident, Ministry of Education officials suspended the teacher from work, and the Regional Council for Secondary Education (PYSDE) offered to terminate the teacher’s contract for inappropriate behavior. The proposal was accepted by the Ministry of Education, the termination of the contract was signed, and the teacher was fired.

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