German businessman doctor vaccinated people with homemade vaccine

Residents of Germany were vaccinated in an underground medical office. At least 50 people were vaccinated with a homemade drug made by Winfried Stecker.

According to the publication “MK”, the incident took place near the airport of Lübeck (Schleswig-Holstein state), owned by the doctor Stecker. An enterprising doctor made a vaccine and offered vaccination services to everyone for a fee. There were many of them …

The police noticed a crowd of people, at least 80 people, near one of the airport offices. At the same time, more and more people arrived, and the queue increased. The police, who decided to check the cause of such a stir, found an underground vaccination room.

To the doctor’s credit, it should be noted that the premises met the requirements for medical procedures. But the composition of the homemade “vaccine” that the visitors received is questionable. It is estimated that at least 50 people fell victim to an experimenter with a medical background.

The competent authorities are investigating, so it is too early to talk about what kind of punishment an enterprising businessman faces.

As it turned out, she wrote about this doctor in March 2021 Dw, and back in April 2020 – the weekly Der Spiegel. A doctor from Lübeck, Germany, reportedly created his own coronavirus vaccine and tested it on volunteers. In the publication Der Spiegel, it was stated that the vaccine did not cause side effects, and its effectiveness was 97%! But instead of support from the relevant departments, the newspaper wrote, a statement was made to the police against the doctor.

In scientific circles in Germany, Winfried Stecker’s act caused outrage, followed by accusations of neglect of patient safety. Indeed, he had nothing – no research protocol, no official permission, no preclinical clearance. He began to administer the vaccine made in his laboratory to people.

In this regard, the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), which works closely with the EMA, informed the Social Affairs Office of the use of an unlicensed vaccine. And the department filed a statement against the doctor with the police on suspicion of an offense: conducting a study with an experimental drug that did not undergo proper testing.

Winfried Stecker cannot prove that his vaccine is actually 97% effective. There are still no reviews about it in scientific publications. So far, he has conducted only serological tests, according to which people who received his vaccine developed antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, he did not provide any information that is critical to the safety and health of the volunteers. This is, for example, the lack of information about the possible contamination of his vaccine with extraneous viruses or mycoplasmas, that is, the smallest bacteria. If, for example, retroviruses are in the cell line, then the use of such a vaccine can cause cancer. But so far, only illegal experiments on humans continue, for the appropriate bribe, as it turned out.

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