June 15, 2024

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Cold weather came to Greece

From today, Thursday, November 18, small frosts are predicted in the country at night. During the day, mainly in the east and north of Greece, heavy rains are expected.

The cold front will cross the country starting at noon, moving from northwest to southeast. It will rain mainly in the east, in the central region and in the north. Snow is expected in the mountainous regions of the central and north-north-western part of the country.

Bad weather will lower the temperature, so it will be pretty cold tonight and tomorrow morning. “Starting from Saturday and mainly on Sunday, the weather will improve, the air temperature will rise, and it will be sunny. Although from next week, according to the latest forecast, it will rain again, ”explained meteorologist Clearhos Maroussakis.

Detailed forecast

Partly cloudy in Attica. Visibility is limited in the morning and evening due to fog. The wind is variable, weak, the air temperature is from +9 to + 16 ° С.

Light cloudiness is expected in Thessaloniki. Visibility is limited in the morning and evening due to fog. Variable wind. The air temperature will range from +7 to + 14 ° С.

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