July 14, 2024

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Athens: "Indian summer" returns for the weekend

On Saturday, November 20, it will be cloudy in the capital district in the morning, fog in places, but from noon the weather will improve, and on Sunday meteorologists promise warm sunny weather.

The temperature in Attica on Saturday night is 12-13 ° С, during the day the air will warm up to 17-19 ° С, in places it will be cloudy.

Winds will be weak, from 1 to 3 Beaufort points with a gradual weakening in the evening.


On Sunday, meteorologists promise us sunny and warm weather, during the day up to 20 ° C degrees, at night the thermometer will drop to 12-13 ° C.


In general, the country will have clear and calm weather, with small clouds in places. Gradually, from noon, cloudiness will develop in the west, and local rains will fall on the Ionian Sea in the evening. Visibility in the morning and evening will be limited in places due to fog.


By Monday evening the weather will start to deteriorate, and already on Tuesday in Athens, temperatures and rains are expected. What to do – autumn is over …

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