Caroline Crouch murder: prosecutor demands severe punishment for husband

“He was not shy about what he did, even though she was the mother of his child,” noted, among other things, the prosecutor in charge of the murder of Caroline Crouch in his recommendation on the case of Babis’ 33-year-old husband Anagnostopoulos.

In his 21-page memo to the Judicial Council, prosecutor Giorgos Nulis suggested that judges charge the killer with a number of charges to ensure the maximum possible punishment.

According to the prosecutor, Anagnostopoulos, who is in custody pending trial, should be charged with “premeditated murder in a calm state of mind”, “cruelty to an animal to the point of serious crime”, “false denunciation” and “repeated false statements” to the police …

In his recommendation, the prosecutor described what happened at the couple’s home in Glyka Nera (Freshwater) in eastern Attica on May 11, 2021, when 20-year-old Caroline died a gruesome death by suffocation at the hands of her husband, who then staged a fake ‘scene burglary ”to mislead police investigators.

Anagnostopoulos “tortured and killed his 20-year-old wife Caroline Crouch” while “at rest.” He “lied to the investigators and misled them, claiming that his wife was killed by robbers,” the prosecutor said. He also referred to the fact that Agnostopoulos killed the family dog, which is considered part of the “burglary scenario” invented by the accused.

Prosecutor Nulis also pointed to evidence found at the crime scene, including Crouch’s smartwatch, where records of her movements disputed Anagnostopoulos’s account and indicated that the young mother was in agony for several minutes before her heart stopped beating. It also happened much earlier than Anagnostopoulos claimed.

The prosecutor believes that the perpetrator showed sobriety in planning the murder. As he mentioned in his recommendation, “he designed and presented a fake script. To support this whole plan, he tied himself up and tied the victim, trying to mislead the investigation by faking phone calls to numbers <1000> and <180> to show that he could not call the police on the correct number <100>, because that was connected. “

Caroline Crouch

The prosecutor drew attention to the fact that Anagnostopoulos is 13 years older than his wife and began dating her when she was about 15 years old, and married her just three days after her 18th birthday.

“The victim was only 20 years old, while he was 13 years older and was supposed to be her patron. He was not ashamed of his act, although she was the mother of his child, and at the same time there was no reason for his act, which he did when the victim did not suspect anything and did not pay attention, since she had already slept for 2.5 hours. “

The prosecutor also argued that there was insufficient evidence to support the suggestion that Anagnostopoulos may have had an accomplice or was in any way provoked to do so.

In this regard, the Athens court transferred custody of the couple’s child to Caroline’s mother, depriving Anagnostopoulos of any parental rights and granting his parents limited visiting rights.

It is believed that the former pilot killed his wife in front of their daughter, who was 11 months old at the time of the crime.

He has been in custody since June, awaiting trial, likely to begin in the summer of 2022, a year after the brutal murder of young mother Caroline Crouch. More information about this story by link

PS It is worth noting that in the new bill, which is now being considered in the Greek parliament, more severe punishment than now… So, if a verdict is passed, Babis Anagnostopoulos faces a real life imprisonment.

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