June 22, 2024

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Forecast: severe winter approaching, possibly snowing next week

Meteorologist Clearhos Marousakis announced a new wave of bad weather that will hit the country from next week.

The weather has changed since yesterday: a gale wind is blowing and the air temperature has dropped noticeably. However, according to Marousakis, the weather is expected to become even more severe, snowfall is likely at low altitudes in Northern Greece. “Now winter is gradually beginning to make itself felt,” – said the meteorologist on the Open channel.

As for the weather forecast for this weekend, the meteorologist said: tomorrow, Friday, November 12, the weather will not change significantly, but strong winds will stop on Saturday.

On Sunday and Monday, a new wave of bad weather will come to the country, which will bring a lot of rain and thunderstorms, mainly in the western, central and northern regions of Greece.

“As we approach November 17, temperatures will drop sharply. So from the middle of next week frosts will come, possibly snow will fall, ”K. Marusakis emphasized.

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