June 15, 2024

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UK: robots are killing people

In the UK, a maintenance technician was killed by a robotic arm.

As reported Daily mail, the tragedy occurred at Deco-Pak Limited 4 years ago, in April 2017, but it became public only now, during the trial.

In Hyperholm, UK, maintenance engineer Andrew Tibbot, 48, was crushed by a robotic packing arm while trying to clean a sensor. He was found by his son when worried family members went to his place of work later that evening after he did not return home. The arrived doctors were unable to help the victim, he died from fatal injuries.

The owner of the company acts as the defendant in the lawsuit. During the meetings, two more cases surfaced when a robotic arm injured employees. One of them, calling the working conditions too dangerous, left the company.

The prosecutor noted in his speech that the basic security measures were not observed at the enterprise. Deco-Pak Limited has denied any manslaughter charges against her. However, 64-year-old company executive Michael Hall from Elland admitted that there had been a breach of safety rules and his duties towards employees.

During the hearings, which will last for at least six more weeks, the court determined that the robotic arm is a powerful and dangerous mechanism.

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