July 22, 2024

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US opens borders after 18 months of isolation

US airlines are gearing up for an influx of travelers after 33 countries have lifted travel bans to the United States. It was introduced by Donald Trump, the former US President, due to Covid-19.

Entry restrictions have affected citizens of more than 30 countries – first travelers from China, a little later from the European Union and the UK, India, South Africa, Iran and Brazil. These measures have halted tourism and separated families.

However, even now, it is possible to enter the country only under certain conditions: before the flight, present proof of vaccination, get a negative test result for Covid-19 within 3 days after the trip and provide your contact information. In the presence of a vaccination certificate, those arriving in the United States will not be quarantined, reports Air force

Against the backdrop of this news, air ticket bookings have skyrocketed. British Airways, for example, has seen a 900% increase in inquiries on the eve of Christmas compared to those wishing to fly out for the holidays a week ago, before the border was announced.

There has been an increase in bookings with American Airlines: 40% to Europe, 66% to the United Kingdom, 74% to Brazil. The head of Paris-based travel agency Jetset Voyages told Reuters that his team has seen “incredible growth” in bookings.

European capitals and businesses await economic recovery. In September, our publication reported that in the beginning of NovemberAccording to large American networks, access will be open for vaccinated travelers from abroad, subject to certain conditions – a mask and a test 3 days before arriving in the United States. Airlines will implement a passenger tracking system to collect information to communicate with travelers, said Jeff Zaens, White House pandemic coordinator.

Work on development of measures for incoming foreigners started back in August. Against the background of the removal of some restrictions on coronavirus domestically, the US authorities decided to allow entry only to foreigners vaccinated against COVID-19.

The lifting of restrictions on foreign travelers has been welcomed in the UK and the European Union. Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, said he was “extremely pleased.”

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