Coronavirus 335 days long …

A forty-seven-year-old American woman has been suffering from coronavirus symptoms for … 335 days. Doctors noted that she had suppressed immunity, and an infection that cleared up in her body turned the woman’s body into a real “laboratory” of mutations.

The weakened immunity of a woman is explained by the presence of lymphoma in the past and undergoing treatment for cancer. Scientists point out that this is the longest-running case of Covid-19 in the entire world ever recorded. The publication about him was made in medRxiv “Science”. The researchers of the unusual case, led by Dr. Veronica Noussenmlat of the Clinical Laboratory of Immunology and Microbiology at the National Institutes of Health, note that many mutations of the coronavirus have been found in the woman’s body, including one unusual.

For the first time, a woman was hospitalized in the spring of last year after being infected with covid. But even after several months, it was far from recovery – she suffered from coughing and shortness of breath, and needed oxygen. True, the state of health was “stripes” – periods of improvement were replaced by a worsening of the state. The tests being carried out detected the coronavirus. And so it went on for almost a year.

This unusual case became the subject of study – how long the virus can persist and develop in the human body. However, three years ago, the patient underwent aggressive anti-tumor immunotherapy (CART-T cells) for lymphoma, as a result, she had too few B-immune cells, and the immune system did not work as it should.

In 2021, the woman had to be hospitalized for the second time. It was only after further treatment with redesivir and blood plasma that the condition of the lungs improved and the inflammation disappeared. Further tests for Covid-19 showed its absence in the body, the symptoms decreased, and Dr.Nussenblatt realized that the infection had finally disappeared.

Scientists have concluded that treatment that depletes B cells can lead to long-term Covid-19 disease. And thus contribute to the development and mutation of the coronavirus.

Earlier, our publication wrote about sleeping in the body long-term coronavirus… The so-called “long” coronavirus was discovered by Russian researchers. It can “sleep” in the human body for many months.

Experts from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology announced the existence of an intractable coronavirus that can stay in the body for a long time. Long-term observation of antibodies helped to detect the phenomenon. Professor-biotechnologist Dmitry Kulish, a specialist in the field of vaccine development, spoke about the opening on the air of Radio Russia:

This is a very scary, painful topic, and I’m scared to talk about it. But yes, this is the same long covid. This means that this terrible virus is hanging in you somewhere, it is spreading.

This happens when the immune system does not completely kill the virus. It is not fatal, but it remains in the body for some time until it activates and begins to multiply.

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