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After the cyclone "Athena" comes "Ballos": emergency weather forecast

The National Meteorological Service (EMY) released its emergency forecast today, Tuesday 12 October. A new cyclone called “Ballos” will come after “Athena”, which caused disasters mainly in North Evia.

In detail, according to the EMY weather forecast, the following are expected:
A. Rains and storms that will hit many parts of the eastern territory of the country today (10/12/2021). Bad weather will come to Thrace, as well as to the islands of the eastern Aegean Sea and the Dodecanese. By the evening, the weather will subside.

B. A cyclone called BALLOS will sweep Greece from Thursday. What is expected:

Heavy rain and thunderstorms accompanied by hail, squall wind. Intense weather will initially affect the Ionian Islands, the country’s western continental territory and Macedonia, but will gradually spread to the rest of the country from Thursday afternoon. On Friday, initially bad weather is forecast across the country. The bad weather in the afternoon in the northwest will subside. Heavy rains and thunderstorms in the east of the country will take place on Saturday. Squall winds ranging from 7 to 8 on the Beaufort scale will prevail in northern Greece from Thursday evening and will last all Friday. Southerly winds in the Aegean Sea are expected to reach 9 on the Beaufort scale. A significant decrease in air temperature in northern Greece by 6-7 degrees. …

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