Migrants will be given a temporary AMKA for vaccination

Temporary protection against deportation is provided by Greek legislation for refugees and migrants who are in our country without documents, so that they are vaccinated, as stated by the Minister of Health.

In an interview with ANT1, Thanos Pleuris said that the decree would allow those third-country nationals who are in the country illegally to issue temporary AMKA identification numbers, solely for vaccination (προσωρινό ΑΜΚΑ ο εμβολιασμός μεταναιστών και προσωρίςγωων

“On the day they go to get vaccinated, no deportation measures will be taken against them,” the Minister of Health explained. The order was developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Immigration Policy. The information says that it will be included in the bill.

Mr. Pleuris, speaking about the general situation with vaccination in the country, also noted that in Northern Greece the vaccination rate is below average. And in Attica, the number of hospitalizations tends to decrease, but epidemiologists say that it is “too early to rejoice”, since the negative effect of the opening of schools has not yet appeared.

Reportedly, 71% of adults are vaccinated. As for the unvaccinated, a “nucleus” with a conspiracy ideology has formed. These are people who, most likely, will not change their attitude towards vaccination. “But 15-20% of those who are afraid, I think we will be able to convince them to make the right choice,” the minister added.

Meanwhile, according to official data, 80% of medical workers are vaccinated, as well as 95% of personnel working with vulnerable groups of the population (residents of nursing homes).

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