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Armed robbery of a bank in the center of Athens

At noon on Tuesday 14 September, an armed bank robbery took place in the center of Athens. According to the information received by the editorial office, the criminals were armed with automatic weapons.

It is known that one of the two criminals threatened with a pistol to intimidate bank employees. According to the first information, the robbers took 13 thousand euros and fled. The police announced an “intercept” plan to catch and arrest them.

Armed robbery of a bank in the center of Athens

Armed robbery of a bank in the center of Athens

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

It is worth noting that Mitropoleus Street (No. 53), where the Piraeus Bank branch is located, is the very center of Athens, an area near the main shopping street Ermou, next to the buildings of parliament and ministries. It was considered the safest area in the capital of Greece, as there are dozens, if not hundreds of police officers in the area …

It is also not yet clear how the criminals managed to enter the bank, given that at the entrance to this branch there are special explosion-proof doors with a double vestibule and a video control system.

Journalists asked government spokesman Yannis Economou about the problem of armed robbery in the center of Athens, in response he said: “The government will do everything to make the Greek citizen feel safe.”

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