Fakes on the net: “Greece opened its borders”

Immigrants made their way to the Greek-Turkish border after fake internet posts about the opening of the Greek border. “Greece has opened its borders and we want to go to Europe,” they say.

Turkey, as always, acts on the principle of “ours and yours”, opening up to the Taliban and “bargaining” with Europe over a new wave of refugees. And the rumors circulating in Turkey about the open borders of Greece do not seem accidental.

According to SKAI, hundreds of Afghans have already left Istanbul and moved to Edirne, located on the Evros River on the border with Greece. The fault is all – messages on social networks announcing the opening of Greece’s borders from 28 to 31 August. In an effort to make it in time and not miss their chance, the migrants in a hurry, in cars and buses, moved to the border.

At the present time, there is an agonizing expectation and relative calm. The Turkish military stopped those suffering from getting to Europe at the border, the necessary measures were taken by the Greek side. One of the waiting migrants says:

“I came here because some people told us that Greece opened its borders. Many. They say in social networks and the Internet … From there I want to go to Europe. They say that from 28 August to 31st the borders will be open. We will wait here until the 31st. “

Another confirms the information:

“We read on the Internet that from 28 to 31 August Greece will open its borders to Afghans. But when we arrived, the borders were never opened. So many Afghans have come here and we are waiting. “

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