Czech Republic: “Ukrainians are not allowed to enter”

The English-language Czech online magazine Prague Morning published information about the ban on entry into some Prague shops for Ukrainian citizens. Photos were posted on social networks where signs with the inscription: “Ukrainians are not allowed to enter” were visible on the windows of Prague trade establishments. However, the publication was quickly caught in the […]

Fakes and lies around the war in Ukraine. Part 1

“Russian Athens” is starting a new column dedicated to fakes spread by the media regarding the war between Ukraine and Russia. Despite the fact that funded by Western embassies and the Soros Foundation, the publication “stopfake” bans our accounts under the pretext of fakes, while spreading massive fakeswe still found some support from its Greek […]

Human Rights Watch called on Greece to repeal the law announcing "fake news" a crime

According to the updated criminal code adopted by the Greek Parliament on November 11, 2021, distributing “fake news” is a criminal offense. The new law could lead to the imprisonment of journalists. Human Rights Watch calls on the Greek government to immediately repeal this provision, which is incompatible with freedom of expression and media freedom. […]

British media apologized for fake about Russians stealing AstraZeneca vaccine

The Daily Express denied the ridiculous claim that Russia stole a prescription for the coronavirus vaccine from Britain’s AstraZeneca. The British newspaper “Sun” published a “revealing” text of “conspiracy theory”, which was readily circulated and reproduced by hundreds of Western media outlets, including Greek publications. The Sun tabloid said British spies “have evidence” that the […]

4 sites with fake news about coronavirus identified

The Greek Cyber ​​Crimes Prosecution Authority found 4 websites spreading fake news. During the investigation, it became known that these sites are spreading false news and inciting disobedience amid the pandemic. They are also accused of attempted fraud. Fake news about vaccines and coronavirus spread by websites: Compromising evidence was also […]

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