February 21, 2024

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Publishing site "Country.ua" locked

The Ukrainian edition “Strana.ua”, whose publications we and our readers from time to time acquaint our readers with, announced the blocking, after the imposition of sanctions against it.

The publication’s Facebook post says:

“The site was blocked last night out of lawlessness – there was no presidential decree yet, and the providers have already received a command to block it. According to our sources in the president’s office, this was Zelensky’s personal order to close access to Strana as soon as possible.

The publication clarified that the domain in the ua zone is blocked, but the site was promptly moved to strana.news. However, even that resource can be blocked at any time.

Yesterday evening, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine made a decision to impose sanctions against Igor Guzhva, editor-in-chief of “Strana.ua” LLC “Lasmak”, which owns media resources. Guzhva, however, said that the publication did not intend to cease its activities. In order for the decision to come into legal force, the president must approve it.

Let’s recall the February events. Sanctions, revocation of licenses and cessation of broadcasting – this is how the Ukrainian president cracked down on TV channels that dared to criticize him.

The termination of broadcasting of the TV channels “112 Ukraine”, “ZIK” and “NewsOne” became known on the night of February 3, when instead of the content of their favorite channels, TV viewers could only watch a screensaver against the background of a nasty squeaking sound. As it turned out, Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a decree terminating their activities and imposing sanctions against the leadership, based on the decision of the NSDC – the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

The restrictions mean a ban on the use of the disgraced channels of the country’s radio frequency resource and the provision of services for relaying TV programs. However, Internet users will still be able to watch their favorite programs on YouTube. But not everyone can access it for a number of reasons – because of ignorance or lack of a computer, lack of Internet, and so on.

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