February 29, 2024

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Weather: rain, thunderstorms and lower temperatures

The meteorologists of the national service EMY promise lower air temperatures, as well as rain and thunderstorms.

Today, 12/08, rain is expected in central Macedonia, Thessaly, Sporades, eastern Sterea and Evia. In the Peloponnese, rain and thunderstorms.

North / north-east wind from 3 to 5 points, in the Aegean from 5 to 6, and in the afternoon in some places up to 7 points on the Beaufort scale.

The air temperature will slightly decrease, and its maximum value on the mainland will reach + 36-37 ° С, in the Cyclades + 32 ° С, and on other islands + 33-35 ° С.

In Attica, light cloudiness is forecasted, increasing from noon, with occasional rains. North / north-east wind from 4 to 5, and in the east in some places up to 6 on the Beaufort scale. Temperature from +26 to + 36 ° С. In the east of the region, the maximum is 2-3 degrees lower.

In Thessaloniki, cloudy, rain and thunderstorms. Air temperature from + 24 ° С to 34 ° С.

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