February 21, 2024

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Gangs of minors are rampant in Greece: what is really wrong

Numerous attacks by juvenile gangs on their peers in Zografu, Vironas, Kifissia, as well as in other areas of Attica and large urban centers create a criminal environment that the police are called upon to fight.

However, the first thing that should slow down a serious crime trend is the Greek family, which, as the famous child psychologist Tenia Macri explained, has lost its strength as a unit of society.

Cruel instincts
Trying to explain what happens to teenagers who gang up and attack other children, Ms. Macri said: “These children show their violent instincts, which they cultivate mainly through the Internet, their contacts with strangers (primarily phases) or overuse of violent video games (shooters). “

What’s the real reason
As Ms Macri explained: “The main problem is that children lack communication. They find other children they sometimes don’t know and keep them company. These are children who want to belong to a system and think that they will become heroes if they resort to violence on an equal basis with the rest of the group.

Such children do not have a close-knit family and support from relatives, nor enough close communication in which they could openly talk about their problems and what worries them, as well as share how the day went. There is no one who would listen to them and at the same time did not scold.

Therefore, they go “to the street” and use a mobile phone to form their “herd” with it. The “thirst” for communication and the feeling of power (superiority) is transferred from gadgets to reality (a 12-year-old boy recently took his mother’s car and ran over a police officer). There is a loss of the sense of reality, the feeling that everything is “make-believe” (there are spare lives, as in a computer game). “

Family is no longer an authority
These children have lost the context of the family. Therefore they unite in gangsto feel that you belong to the group and that you matter.

Ms. Macri urges parents: “Let’s listen, let’s hear our children! Let’s pay attention to how they grow, develop, their hobbies and outlook on life. Observe their body, look, facial expression … Give them a helping hand, if necessary, hug them more often, tell them how important they are to you! ” This way children will not seek confirmation that they are important and powerful elsewhere …

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