The terrorist “November 17” who killed Pavlos Bakoyannis was released

The Greek authorities released from prison Iraklis Kostaris, a militant of the 17 November terrorist organization, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of journalist and politician Pavlos Bakoyannis, the father of the current mayor of Athens. This is reported by the edition

Iraklis Kostaris was sentenced to life imprisonment and 23 years in prison. According to the materials of the case, the perpetrators of the terrorist attack were Costaris and Koufodinas

Pavlos Bakoyannis was married to Dore Bakoyanni, daughter of the former prime minister Konstantinas Mitsotakis (father of the current Prime Minister Kiryakos Mitsotakis). His son Costas Bakoyannis is now the mayor of Athens. The journalist and politician was shot dead outside his office in September 1989.

Costaris was an active militant and took part in other terrorist attacks, including bank robberies. Costaris, “Haris” or “Takis” as he was called, was arrested in the summer of 2002 in Preveza. It is noted that in his explanations, he denied that he was a participant November 17, claiming that he never used the practice of violence, believing that “any social change is possible only through social struggle.”

Prior to his release, he worked in the central materials warehouse of Korydallos prison, where sources say it is impossible to get a job without a lot of money or cronyism.

Rumor has it that after the release of Costaris, other members of the 17 November organization are also planning to apply for release, including Dimitris Koufodinas, Savvas Ksiros, Alexandros Giotopoulos and Vasilis Cortzatos.

Informal leader and main killer of the organization Dimitris Kufodtinas was sentenced to 11 life sentences. The retired professor Alexandros Yotopoulos, who is considered the organizer of “November 17” and one of the leaders of the terrorists, was sentenced to 25 life sentences, but then the court of appeal reduced his sentence to 17 life sentences and 25 years in prison. Savvas Xiros, the main demolition of the terrorists, was sentenced to 5 life sentences and 25 years in prison for participating in five murders, robberies, explosions and participation in a criminal organization. The detonation of the bomb in the hands of Xiros allowed the police to track the organization and arrest all of its members. Terrorists from the “Revolutionary Organization of November 17” operated in Greece in 1975-2002. They are responsible for explosions, robberies, murders of 23 American, British and Turkish diplomats and military men, Greek politicians and businessmen. 14 people were convicted in the case. Despite its bloody history, the terrorist organization has many supporters in modern Greece. Almost the entire top of the main opposition party SYRIZA considers themselves friends and associates of the members of the terrorist party. It is for this reason that Savvas Xiros and Dimitris Koufodinas received permanent leave from prisondespite the fact that their article did not suggest it. During the reign of SYRIZA, the National Theater of Greece in Athens showed performances of “Nash Equilibrium” based on the book Savvasa Ksiroswhich were in high demand. And to Dimitris Koufodinas, during his “sitting” in the Avlona prison, lined up line of his admirersto chat with the terrorist. …

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