May 25, 2024

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Poseidonas Avenue: CCTV Cameras Ready to Record Violations

Test operation of the first traffic violation detection system (crossing a red light) starts from Poseidonos Avenue, as it is a busy highway, where, according to the regional traffic control center and the Greek police, there is an increase in violations.

A pilot application for the installation of hardware and monitoring of the systems will be completed shortly before being passed on to Greek law enforcement for use.

On the occasion of the start of the plan, the Governor of the region G. Patoulis said: “The first cameras are already in operation, and in the next few days they will be handed over to the Greek police for use. After that, first of all, of course, the necessary technical check will be carried out by the Department of Urban Infrastructure of the Attica region. Road safety – above all”.

The main causes of road traffic accidents:

Over speed. Passage to a red traffic light. Drunk driving. Driver’s carelessness. Not wearing seat belts / driving without a helmet. Driving in the opposite lane. Using a mobile phone while driving. Violation of road signs.

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