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At Buzovaya in Santorini "blew off the roof"

Olga Buzova recently returned from South Africa, where she starred in a new reality show for a month. Immediately after that, she went on vacation to Greece, where she visited Athens and Santorini.

This island is often called “postcard” – photographs of white walls with blue domed roofs are the hallmarks of tourist Greece. It turned out that seeing these roofs was Olga Buzova’s cherished dream.

Buzovaya in Santorini has “blown off the roof”.

Buzovaya in Santorini has “blown away”.

Posted by Russian Athens – Russian Athens on Saturday, July 31, 2021

On her Instagram, she posted a video in which she burst into tears, fulfilling her dream. “This is my lifelong dream, forgive my emotions. Damn, blue roof! I’ve seen so many of them in photographs! This is my dream … “- Buzova explained through tears.

The subscribers were happy for their favorite, but some of them noted that they were already tired of Olga Buzova’s regular sobs. “She’s gone completely off the rails”, “Zadolbala whine about and without reason,“ Drunk, or what? ”,“ It’s very strange, having so many opportunities, only in the fourth decade to fulfill my dream ”,“ I understand, if an ordinary person cried, who has a salary of 30 thousand, ”they wrote in the comments.

45-year-old presenter Dana Borisova, apparently envying her young colleague, wrote the following: “Blue roof 🙂 The ball of a lifetime has come true.”

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