May 25, 2024

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Germans vote for Corfu – who chooses the island for vacation

In July alone, the arrival of 1,623 commercial flights at the Ioannis Kapodistrias airport of Corfu was recorded.

Dimitris Roussos, President of the CAA Employees Association of Corfu, told APE-MPE, “The people of Germany were the first to arrive on vacation. For example, 320 flights arrived from Germany in July with about 48,000 passengers, which exceeds the arrivals figures even in 2019, when about 45,000 passengers arrived in the same month. Of course, this year as a whole, we should not be equal to the success of tourism in 2019, but we hope that, most likely, this season will be successful, ”explains Mr. Roussos.

After July 15, the number of flights from the UK increased – a total of 255 flights arrived on the island. It is followed by France with 162 flights, Italy with 156 flights and Poland with 146 flights.

As for the booking for August, the reports are very positive, as a large number of Greek tourists are expected to choose Kerkyra for their summer holidays.

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