"Damn ticket" or the smile of fortune with a limited time

He was called “the luckiest man in Karditsa”, but after a few years the joy of winning the lottery gave way to grief.

Stefanos Tsilimigas was lucky when he bought a lottery ticket in 2006 and won about 2,000,000 euros. However, eight years later, an event occurred that made the community in the area shudder.

The net amount credited to the lucky man’s bank account amounted to almost 1,200,000 euros. Stefanos, who grew up in a family of life-lovers and nature lovers from the village of Pedino in the municipality of Palama in Karditsa, easily declared that his life would not change significantly because of the winnings that fell on his head.

And, unlike others who say one thing and do another, he kept his “promise.” Of course, he saw how everything became easier and easier for him and his family overnight. He really did not commit the so-called “madness”, fabulous spending of money, realizing that one day they still end.

The only “luxury” he allowed himself was to fulfill his childhood dream. Buy a sports car. And the two-seater Honda that he parked in front of his house was proof that he performed it. This is a fact that brought him complete satisfaction and did not provoke other spending.

On the contrary, he first took care of who he recognized as his “benefactor”, even though this local was just the person who just sold him a lottery ticket. Having learned about a person that he has needs and problems, Stefanos did not limit himself to simply giving him a small amount, as they say, “for the good.” When he found out about the dire financial situation of the lottery seller, the guy helped him pay off significant debts so that he could start a new chapter in his life without burdened with the burden of the past.

His attitude towards his family in the first place and towards his fellow villagers did not change at all afterwards. He was not one of those “winners” who hide money in a box, change their place of residence and cover their tracks …

Stefanos Tsilimigas was always ready to help those who really needed it. First of all, his own mother, who faced a very serious health problem. The young man remained to live in the village, without even changing the company in which he worked, and continued to communicate with people whom he knew from a young age.

He was confident that at 32 (when he won the lottery) he would not change his habits, character, or even work. Despite the fact that he was a millionaire, he was engaged in agriculture, went to the fields with his father.

This went on for 8 years. Gradually, the hype and interest in “the most successful person in Karditsa” subsided, since he himself did not support the stereotypical image of “lucky” and did not create the impression of “rich”. It was then that he received a blow of fate that no one expected.

The 40-year-old man returned home early Sunday morning after another party. In a blue sports “Honda” he was alone, and behind him was a second car with friends, who witnessed the nightmare that happened right before their eyes.

About 5 km from the village, the Honda driver lost control of his car and drove into an irrigation canal. Alas, Stefanos died as a result of an accident. Only 8 years old he was allowed to enjoy the “smile of fortune”.

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