June 25, 2024

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Those who have had covid – how long do they have antibodies?

Swedish scientists, in the course of a study, determined how much antibodies persist in people who have had a mild or asymptomatic coronavirus.

As it turned out, they were protected for about a year. At the same time, vaccination increases the number of antibodies and increases protection against COVID-19. A large-scale work was carried out by scientists from the Danderid Hospital in Stockholm, its results are published on the clinic’s website.

The study involved volunteers who suffered from the coronavirus last spring. Among them are the staff and patients of Danderid Hospital. After the illness, the researchers monitored their state of health for a year. Blood tests showed the presence of antibodies a year later in about 80% of participants who had a mild form of covid, the scientists note:

We see a generally good antibody response one year after mild COVID-19.

Another important discovery is the ability of the detected antibodies to resist new strains. The results are encouraging: they are able to effectively combat the alpha and delta variants currently prevalent in Europe.

However, Swedish doctors urge to follow the recommendations of the authorities and get vaccinated, even after an illness. According to scientists, the level of antibodies rises significantly after being vaccinated. At the same time, researchers cannot yet say for sure how they are interrelated with the duration of protection.

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