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The “Tourism for All” platform is open: what “holiday packages” the program offers

On Monday, July 5, an electronic platform for the Tourism for All Holiday Subsidy Program, implemented by the Ministry of Tourism, was launched.

Citizens can apply for participation in the electronic application www.tourism4all.gov.gr through the Single Digital Portal of Public Administration from 07/05/2021 to 07/09/2021.

The application procedure is as follows:

07/05/2021 for VAT numbers ending 0-1. 07/06/2021 for VAT numbers ending in 2-3. 07/07/2021 for VAT numbers ending in 4-5. 07/08/2021 for VAT numbers ending in 6-7. 07/09/2021 for VAT numbers ending in 8-9.

Deputy Minister of Tourism Sofia Zakharaki said in this regard: “As promised, we continue to implement the program “Tourism for all”, including for new beneficiaries who can apply from Monday 5/7 to Friday 7 September.

Program beneficiaries can redeem vouchers that were not redeemed last year until 12/31/2021. Significant changes are envisaged this year with the aim of more efficient use of tour packages by beneficiaries.

In particular, stays for 2, 3 or 4 days are now covered instead of the mandatory 4 days that were valid until last year, which increases the coverage level from 60% to 80% and even up to 100% (for people with disabilities and solving issues of their support) … In addition, 631 new homeowners and 41 tour operators have joined the program this year.

What you need to know about the Tourism for All Program
1) How long will it be possible to redeem vouchers?
Taking into account the special conditions created by the health crisis with the travel ban, it is noted that the validity of all vouchers that were not redeemed by 31/12/2021 has been extended.

2) Who is the beneficiary of the program?
The Tourism for All program is addressed to almost all Greek citizens. The selection of beneficiaries is carried out after the drawing of applications submitted through the platform www.tourism4all.gov.gr. Application criteria: the annual individual income must not exceed 16,000 euros or 28,000 in the case of a family, with an increase of 1,500 euros for a minor child.

3) What opportunities does the program provide?
The program concerns the subsidy for accommodation and, as the case may be, the use of other travel services (transport, museum tours, diving, etc.) through the provision of special vouchers.

This is perhaps the most extensive social tourism program with which the Greek government supports the tourism industry during one of the most difficult times. The total budget of the program is € 100 million, which corresponds to 365,603 vouchers, which are available to over 600,000 Greeks.

It is noted that last year, despite the special circumstances, more than 46,000 beneficiaries had the opportunity to organize their trip around the country.

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