“You insert a piece of another virus into it and refine it in the laboratory” …

Americans are confident that a coronavirus leak should be sought in Wuhan. But, as it turned out, it could have happened much closer – in the United States.

One of the possible culprits is a certain Peter Dashak. For more than 10 years, the British scientist has been engaged in dangerous experiments with coronaviruses. But it is difficult to find out about him and his activities – even his biography is classified. Although it is known that he heads the EcoHealth Alliance charitable organization, which includes the former head of the Fort Detrick biolaboratory, famous scientists and researchers, the wives of the richest Americans and intelligence officers.

And not so long ago, reports RIA News, it became known that Dashak is engaged in coronavirus research. And the American corporation Google finances its activities, hiding this project. At the same time, back in 2019, a British researcher said:

“The coronavirus is so cool! It’s very easy to manipulate in the laboratory. Ralph Barick (University of North Carolina) and I worked on it … you insert a piece of another virus into it and refine it in the laboratory.”

Despite the fact that the purpose of the scientist’s research was to modify the coronavirus to transmit it from animals to humans, after the outbreak of the pandemic, Dashak actively insisted that the artificial origin of covid was impossible. Moreover, his point of view was supported by Google, and the alternative was mercilessly banned, regardless of who voiced it, regardless of the regalia and degrees of opponents. So, the topic of the laboratory origin of the coronavirus has been banned for a long time.

Time passed, and the question of the origin of the coronavirus again became relevant. The British researcher continues to insist on the natural origin of the virus. He also voiced it after a trip to Wuhan, as part of the experts of the World Health Organization.

Nevertheless, the question remains on the agenda for the IT giant – “how does Google feel about virology?” What is the company’s interest in the financed project? David Feinberg, head of the Google Health division, answered it to reporters:

“Google is actually a healthcare company. It wants to help the billions of people it has access to.”

Strange, but for some reason such activities, deserving of universal respect, are carried out in secret. Is there something to hide? True, sometimes the “secret becomes apparent”, as happened 2 years ago, in 2019.

Shortly before the world found itself in the abyss of a pandemic, it turned out that the corporation in 2018-2019 launched a classified project “Nightingale”, which involved the collection of medical data from patients of American clinics of the famous Ascension network. And this, no less, more than 2,600 clinics in 21 states. Thus, the IT giant turned out to be the owner of the personal information of millions of US residents. What for? What will Google do with it? At the same time, the corporation had to confirm the illegal data collection.

And now the scandal with Dashak. No less mysterious. And although it is known that the scientist worked in Wuhan, this is not the only place of his activity – he worked all over the world. He conducted experiments on the transmission of coronavirus and other experiments in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Tanzania, USA, South Africa.

Now there is no question that the British researcher is involved in the production and spread of the coronavirus. But the pandemic seems to have become a source of good income for Google: for the year, the net profit of Alphabet (the owner of Google) grew by 17%, and capitalization – by a third.

The corporation’s healthcare programs are also of interest, especially against the backdrop of its close cooperation with the US Department of Defense: top manager Isaac Taylor sits on the experimental division of the Pentagon for innovation (DIUx), and Eric Schmidt, head of Alphabet, heads the Defense Innovation Council at the Pentagon. The company of the latter is made by the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos, by the way. Both councils deal with, among other things, the military applications of the latest biotechnology and biosecurity issues.

Therefore, it is no longer surprising why the Pentagon and the government sponsored Dashak’s experiments with coronaviruses. He received another 64 million dollars from USAID, known for its provocations and sabotage of an organization banned in Russia. And DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency under the US Department of Defense) generously allocated 6.5 million dollars to the British scientist in the form of a grant “To study the risk of an outbreak of a zoonotic epidemic in West Asia caused by a bat virus” (2017-2020).

In recent years, DTRA specialists have retrained to search for biological threats – in Armenia and Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Georgia, that is, where classified US laboratories are located. It is known that back in 2007, DTRA was developing a plan of action in case of influenza, similar to the infamous Spanish flu. And two years later, in 2009, a possible case of bio-sabotage with the Marburg virus was considered. But the problem is that, while doing important and necessary research, the United States is still the leader on the planet in the release of hazardous substances.

Only in 2014, the causative agents of anthrax, smallpox and bird flu were released, which was discussed at the government level. And what about deliberate sabotage? In 2001, Bruce Ivins, who worked at Fort Detrick Biolaboratory, was mailing out anthrax spores! The FBI was following him, and perhaps he could tell a lot of interesting things during interrogations. But … in 2008, he committed suicide for no apparent reason.

And now the Americans are trying hard to prove that the coronavirus leak occurred in Wuhan. China denies allegations. A San Antonio-based reader asks a rhetorical question:

“What is it, my lungs were destroyed by a bioweapon, the creation of which was sponsored by the US government? Well, who will be responsible for this incredible stupidity?” …

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