USA: pharmaceutical regulator adds warnings to Moderna and Pfizer vaccines

Warnings for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been extended, the FDA’s medical regulator said.

Added warnings to vaccine documentation about a possible side effect in the form of pericarditis (an inflammatory lesion of the serous membrane of the heart) or myocarditis (an inflammatory disease of the heart muscle of the myocardium). The risk of these complications is low, but possible, the document says, especially after the second dose.

Among the 300 million people vaccinated in the United States with Pfizer and Moderna, 1200 cases of pericarditis or myocarditis have been reported. 300 people under the age of 30 were hospitalized, but all of them were discharged after the examination, RIA Novosti reports.

In January, our publication talked about the consequences hacker attack and the theft of documents from the European Medicines Agency. After studying them, the experts drew an unequivocal conclusion – both vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, have quality problems. Many people managed to download the documents published by the hackers, although they disappeared from free access quite quickly. Stolen data – fragments of confidential correspondence, presentations, screenshots – were posted on a forum where cybercriminals usually look for partners to exchange or sell information. However, the agency, which was attacked by the hacker, said that before publication, cybercriminals deliberately manipulated part of the correspondence in order to undermine the credibility of vaccines.

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