July 14, 2024

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Arrest of a prison guard for selling drugs and mobile phones to prisoners

A prison officer and two Iranians were arrested by the Penitentiary Internal Affairs Service for bringing drugs and mobile phones into the Koridallos prison hospital.

Their compatriot, who is in custody, also appears in the case materials.

According to the investigation, the prison guard, at the suggestion of the foreign prisoner, received drugs, mobile phones and other items from the two arrested persons, which he provided to other “inmates” for a fee.

The prison officer was arrested by the police before taking over on watch, due to the fact that before that he had received a “parcel” and 100 euros from a foreigner. During a subsequent check, the prison guard found and seized: headphones, 5 mobile phones, 4 chargers, 4 USB cables, a SIM card and 300 euros in cash.

During the search in the houses of the suspect and two foreigners, the following were found and confiscated:

pneumatic pistol with 11 cartridges; 9 mobile phones; 7 packages for connecting to mobile telephony; 6 USB ports; various cables; 5 headphones; 4 chargers.

The arrested were taken to the prosecutor of the Piraeus court of first instance. An investigation is underway.

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