February 29, 2024

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EBay was selling fake co-shaped certificates for tourists coming to Greece!

Greece became the first country in the European Union to accept British tourists with an NHS vaccination card until the country receives a digital vaccination passport.

“Until the UK receives a digital vaccination passport, we are accepting the UK health system’s two vaccination dates, and we are accepting these tourists,” said Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis.

However, according to a British newspaper article thenorthernecho.co.uk, some of these certificates turned out to be fake, as they were purchased on the eBay online auction!

Thus, thousands of British tourists (probably positive for the coronavirus) will be able to come to Greece with fake certificates. All this … at a time when the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis was leading the opening of the country to the beginning of receiving green covid certificates, and the inhabitants of Greece were practically under house arrest.

This fact creates many dangers for a repeat of the situation last summer, when thousands of tourists came from countries, mainly from the Balkans, without any tests and brought with them a coronavirus, which came around in the fall with tens of thousands of infected.

British media are reporting on the decision of the Greek government to suspend the admission of tourists only with the NHS certificate. “The decision came after an Echo investigation showed that hundreds of people today are selling fake vaccination certificates on Ebay to earn up to £ 100 per certificate.

The investigation that led to the removal of merchant accounts from Ebay revealed that the merchants were selling genuine numbers belonging to persons vaccinated with Pfizer and AstraZeneca, which means that data was leaked directly from the sources involved in issuing or processing data on these certificates.

It means absolutely nothing that fake certificates have “gone” from Ebay. They still remain in the Darknet, where they are sold to everyone, which means that potentially infected tourists will go to Greece.

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