Privileges for the vaccinated, problems for refuseniks

Greek Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias, speaking today on the SKAI TV channel, promised privileges to the vaccinated, the prime minister promised problems to the unvaccinated, and the president announced that it was all legal.

Privileges for the vaccinated

When asked about the privileges of the vaccinated, the Minister of Health stressed that it is reasonable and legal to have incentives that are developed by the government. “This will be done after all citizens have access to vaccines. This is not about punishing others, but about the possibility of rewarding or helping those who have been vaccinated on the basis of social and economic activity. ”

He added that this discussion will take place in the fall, although he emphasized that only society will push others to vaccinate. “We will finish the tourist season, we will look for incentives, and in the fall we will decide what will happen to those who are not vaccinated. I believe that only society will push others to vaccinate. The society cannot be closed for the winter. This is not a game. Human lives are still dying, ”stressed Mr. Kikilias.

The minister did not answer the question about the mandatory vaccination of medical personnel, stressing that the percentage of those who were not vaccinated is small. “When hospitals are fighting for the lives of patients, Covid beds and intensive care units are overcrowded, and doctors and nurses are at risk of burnout, it’s unwise to give up protection,” he said. However, he said that having unvaccinated doctors and nurses is morally unacceptable and problematic. “We have a very high percentage of vaccinated doctors – more than 80-85% in SNB and private clinics, while for influenza this percentage was 30%. So this is a leap, ”he said.

When asked whether doctors dedicated to working in coronavirus wards would receive any additional help, the Minister of Health left such an option open. “After they have been rewarded with prizes, other initiatives are being studied at different levels, including financially, in order to support these people,” he said characteristically.

Problems of unwilling to vaccinate

Earlier, the government suspended debates about compulsory vaccinations and “privileges” for vaccinated people because it would be unconstitutional, and was looking for a way to convince citizens.

Chief Justice of Greece Vasiliki Tanu and other senior colleagues have publicly stressed that such a discussion is unconstitutional! The government postponed it for a while.

However, in recent days, heated debates have flared up about privileges and mandatory vaccinations, and the Prime Minister, during his speech in parliament, openly mentioned the mandatory vaccination of certain categories of citizens.

Who is actually required to be vaccinated:

Hospital medical staff. Nursing home staff.

But the prime minister made a big revelation in this speech a little later, saying that from the autumn businessmen in restaurants can prevent the unvaccinated from entering their institution!

Watch from the 14th minute of the video what Mitsotakis said about this

President of Greece: The Constitution says “No”, but it also says “Yes”

Greek President Ms. Sakellaropoulou offered a very original interpretation of the Greek Constitution stating that “There is a problem with the provisions of the Constitution with regard to individual rights, however, in addition to protecting public health, the constitution in no way recognizes the right of anyone to risk the life and health of another person.

And, of course, the issue of the obligation to vaccinate is controversial, but the introduction of obligations so as not to touch the very concept of social solidarity and a sense of social responsibility, I think it is self-evident. And that is why similar debates have been held in other countries. Hopefully everyone will understand that the only way for everyone, regardless of age, is to get vaccinated so that we can restore what we have been deprived of for so long and have security for the future. Because no one can promise us that in the fall we will not have the next wave, ”concluded the Greek President.

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