June 10, 2023

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Greece declares “war” on organized crime, government sees “growth” in lifting restrictions

Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis said on Tuesday that he was declaring war on organized crime after a series of broad daylight shootings that led to death of 4 people at the hands of assassins.

At a meeting with representatives of the Greek police, the discussion focused on improving the existing information network, as well as optimizing cooperation between different departments.

During the meeting, a proposal was discussed to create a new task force for a more effective fight against organized crime.

Minister Chrysochoidis has already presented an extensive dossier on organized crime in Greece (the Greek mafia) to the Supreme Court Attorney and announced on Monday that there will be a “war” on organized crime.

The name of one of two recent victims was reportedly among the 500 names listed by the minister in the dossier. Both victims had convictions, and the murders were attributed to a criminal feud.

As for the authorities’ version, there is now an assertion that crime has increased after the isolation was removed. Government spokesman Aristotelia Peloni told Open TV that “we might see more [преступлений]because it was difficult for them if we had restrictive measures. “

In the light of this statement, it is worth recalling the statement of the President of the Roma Federation, who, without hesitation, gave out on TV the phrase that because of the lockdown we cannot steal and beg, which means that we have nothing to live for.

At a press briefing on Tuesday, Peloni said that “organized crime is a distinct problem that obviously exists and needs to be fought.” She said that Greece was, was and remains a safe country. “We have one of the lowest homicide and robbery rates in the entire European Union, and this is confirmed by statistics. There are patrols in urban areas and their numbers are constantly increasing.

It should be noted that in early April, journalist Georgos Karaivaz was shot near their home and that, in all likelihood, the killers acted in accordance with the law, sending their SMS messages to leave their home, like any thieves, burglars and intruders during isolation.

The night curfew didn’t get in the way and murderers of a young mother, in the metropolitan area of ​​Glyki Nera, who was deprived of her life in front of her child and husband.

As for the insecurity that citizens can feel when murders take place, when they drink coffee in a cafe – as it was on Sunday at Sepolia or in the center of Zakynthos city when the killer blew out a whole horn from a Kalashnikov assault rifle to a police informant, one can only guess where a stray bullet might hit.

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