The murder of a boxer in Vary: police talk about mafia showdown

According to the police, the murder of the famous Greek boxer was related to the settling of scores between criminal gangs, one of which was a former boxer and winner of the Survival Secret program.

On Monday, at about 9 am, in the capital district of Vari, killers shot Greek boxer Thassos Berdesis, winner of the Survival Secret TV program. The victim was caught on the road as he was heading to a boxing club.

As it became known, a black jeep drove up to Thassos Berdesis, and one of the passengers shot him with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, while more than 10 cartridges were found at the scene of the murder. One of the bullets hit the boxer in the head. The way his execution was carried out, according to the police, speaks of a contract murder.

The victim has been known to the authorities since 2008, when his name appeared in the crime reports of the city of Patra. Berdesis was charged with attempted murder, but instead of going to court, he decided to flee. He fled from justice for a while, but was eventually arrested and served a short prison sentence, despite being found not guilty of murder.

“In 2008, many people were arrested in Patras. The police wanted to strike at the criminal environment in the city. Everyone who was a boxer at the time was considered potential criminals. I worked as a doorman in a nightclub and because of that I was involved in the whole story. However, in court I was unanimously acquitted, ”he said.

“Do you know what it is like to get a ticket to the Olympics, and all of a sudden accusations come out of nowhere and are forbidden to go anywhere? Prison was a great experience for me. “

It is also known that Berdesis was accused of the death of his fellow athlete, since as a result of a motorcycle accident, he developed an aneurysm that ruptured during the fight.

“This guy was one of my closest friends. He had a motorcycle accident, which, according to the forensic science, formed an aneurysm, which, unfortunately, ruptured during the fight. I reacted very hard to it. I did not take part in battles for a year. It was very painful for me. He was like a brother to me. Fate played mercilessly with me, but I never gave up, “Tasos Berdesis said about this.

According to his stories, when he was on the run, he thought about taking his own life, but he did not have enough strength to do it.

Conversation with the lawyer of Thassos Berdesis.

The boxer became widely known after participating in the Survival Secret program four years ago, in September 2017. The program was filmed in Kuruta (Iliya), and from the first day the young man stood out for his athleticism. However, in December, having gained the lowest number of points from the TV audience, Thassos left the show. After the voluntary departure of the participant Daniel Batista, Thassos returned to the program.

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First, he reached the semifinals, then the final, and on December 21, 2017, Thassos Berdesis became the winner of Survivor, receiving a large cash prize and leaving behind other finalists – George Manica, Emilio Sakellariadis, Thanos Petrelis.

According to the police, Tasos Berdesis did not move away from criminal activity, which was the reason for its liquidation.

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