June 23, 2024

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Ukraine: “Ukrposhta” in Transcarpathia was occupied by bees, the owner refuses to take them

In the Transcarpathian branch of “Ukrposhta”, in Irshava, at first 40 thousand bee colonies “died” and then “came to life”, intended to be sent to the destination address.

The cost of insects is estimated at half a million hryvnia. After the announcement of their death, the sender seriously decided to sue the department for damages. But the bees came to life. In all likelihood, their property was associated with a lack of oxygen in the boxes intended for the insects.

The head of Ukrposhta Igor Smelyansky wrote on Facebook:

“Yesterday, almost all media outlets reported that 8 million bees died due to the fault of Ukrposhta. A separate topic is who managed to count their corpses (8 million = 92 days) and whose fault. 118 boxes of bees were resurrected by your and our efforts (prayers), and this is not a joke. So if someone needs to resurrect something, I don’t know – faith in a bright future, the economy of Ukraine or something else – contact us. “

However, the owner who is about to sue categorically refuses to take his boxes with bees from the post office, insisting on the alleged inability of insects to perform their natural functions due to the incident. Ukrposhta employees, in confusion, made a public statement:

“Since in personal communication beekeepers do not respond to the requests of the company’s employees, Ukrposhta publicly calls on the senders to pick up the bee packages and ensure proper conditions of detention.”

After a not too pleasant incident, Ukrposhta has already announced that from next year it will stop providing such services for the transportation of insects.

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