The results of a black day in Kazan – chronology of the events of the mass execution at school

Baza edition restored chronology eventsthat occurred in the Kazan school No. 175 on the morning of May 11, when 19-year-old Ilnaz Galyaviev opened fire in an educational institution.

According to the newspaper’s journalists, after the first shots, the children thought that something had exploded in the street. Mullanur Mustafin, an employee of the school, was the first victim who fell under Galyaviev’s fire. He left the gymnasium building when he heard shots. The female watchman hid under the table and the armed criminal passed without noticing her. This gave the woman the opportunity to press the panic button.

The guy opened fire on the first floor of the school, trying to open the doors to the classrooms. The signal to the control panel of the school attendant was received at 09:25, the recorded time for the start of shooting was 09:20. From that time on, the police began to receive calls from citizens who heard the shots. The management of the gymnasium hastily notified the teachers of what had happened, urging them to urgently close the doors and not go out.

The second on the path of the inadequate young man was the primary school teacher Venera Aizatova, who was mortally wounded. And Galyaviev continued his deadly march through the school corridors, trying to enter the classrooms, but the doors were open only in 8 “A” grade and in the English classroom. The teacher Elvira Ignatieva died, and the victims and wounded killers were the eighth graders from the remaining open class.

According to the Telegram channel “112”, the first phone call to emergency services was recorded at 09:18, reports that the school was “shooting and blowing up” were received within 20 minutes. It was a period of horror during which the culprit committed his bloody atrocities. Journalists draw attention to the fact that passers-by saw the armed Galyaviev going to the gymnasium, but not one of them (!) Called the police.

As eyewitnesses of the tragic events testify, the first law enforcement officers arrived at the school about 7 minutes after the shooting began. The offender surrendered himself, going out into the street with his hands up. According to official data, as a result of his actions in the school, 9 people died, including 7 children, 20 people were injured. The UK opened a mass murder case.

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